Federal Grants


Federal grants are monetary assistance provided by the government and given to people to help pay for educational expenses. These grants are awarded based on financial need and do not need to be paid back.  

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Direct Loans


Federal student loans allow students and their parents to borrow money to pay for a college or career school education. A federal student loan is made through a loan program administered by the federal government. Direct loans must be paid back along with the applicable interest.

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Direct Subsidized Loans

These loans are available to students who have a financial need. The U.S. Department of Education pays the interest while the student is in school at least half time as well as for the first six months after the student graduates.

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Direct Unsubsidized Loans

Students are not required to demonstrated a financial need in order to receive a direct unsubsidized loan. Interest on these loans accrues during all periods.

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Alternative Loans

There are numerous banks and credit unions that offer educational loans to provide students with additional funding assistance. Please contact our financial aid office for more information.

State Assistance

Students who are in great financial need may qualify for additional financial assistance provided by the state. We can provide you with information and guidance to help you receive state assistance

In-House Financing

We also offer in-house financing with a 6% APR